End Table with 5-head African Akan Unity Statue 41cm- Furniture for Living Room

5-head African Akan Unity Statue Accent Table Base

Avana International, LLC

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This 5-head sculpture can be used as the base of a side table, topped with a round glass-top. We provide just the wooden base sculpture that is carved out of one piece of wood, using the famous inter-locking technique of wood-carving from West Africa, representing "unity." This 5-head statue symbolizes peace in the family and society.

The Unity statue has been transformed to be used as the base of an accent table. 

Please note that we sell only the sculpted 7-head base and not the glass top. The glass top in the image is a photoshop simulation.
Amongst West Africans beliefs, breaking of glass is considered ominous. Though we are not believers of magic and myths, some of our customers do hold such beliefs extremely dear. And, we do respect sentiments and religious beliefs of all communities.
Hence, it is safe for both us and our customers that we do ship glass.

Length 39 cm
Width 39 cm
Height 41 cm
Diameter 0 cm
Weight 2.0 Kg
Material Used Solid Hardwood
Local Name (Material) Neem
Scientific Name (Material)
Melia indica
1. Authentic traditional and cultural global products;
2. 100% hand crafted;
3. All logs are dried naturally and may have cracking, checking, beetle excavations as well as other natural characteristics. Most of the woods used have beautiful grain, rustic knots and unique color variation.
4. Due to natural wood used and handmade products, no two products are alike. Every product is exclusive.
5. Made in Africa.