West African Style Hand Carved Teak Wood Large Sculptor's Muse Floor Lamp - D22cm x H114cm

African Style Hand Carved Teak Wood Large Sculptor's Muse Floor Lamp - D22cm x H114cm

Avana International, LLC

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A sculptor's muse - a nude female figurine from Kenya, is symbolic of the great power women possess to transform a society. It is not a display of corporeal materialism that Kenyans associate a woman's body with, but the strength that she emanates with her silence with reserved dignity and composed serenity. Styled as a lamp, this figurine is further interpreted by House of Avana as the one that metamorphoses societies with her resilience and spreads the light of peace and learning across.

Please note that every piece is 100% hand crafted and the grain of the wood would be different and unique for every piece, even when we use the exact same wood, depending on the pattern of the wood.

If the exact same piece is not in stock at the time you place an order, our master sculptor, Mr. Kouame Emmanuel will hand carve a fresh piece for you and you will aslo be given an option to choose from matt or gloss finish for the wood.

Length  0 cm
Width  0 cm
Height 114 cm
Diameter  22 cm
Weight  2.0 Kg
Material Used  Solid Hardwood, Lamp Fittings
Local Name (Material)  Teak
Scientific Name (Material) Tectona grandis
1. Authentic traditional and cultural global products;
2. 100% hand crafted;
3. All logs are dried naturally and may have cracking, checking, beetle excavations as well as other natural characteristics. Most of the woods used have beautiful grain, rustic knots and unique color variation.
4. Due to natural wood used and handmade products, no two products are alike. Every product is exclusive.
5. Made in Africa.