Senoufu Gondjoh Cubist Mask - Décor Wall Decor

Senoufu Gondjoh Cubist Mask

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A small mask, hardly 6 inches tall, called the 'Gondjoh or Gondoh' from North of Cote d'Ivoire, popular amongst the Senoufu tribes, was used to worship their ancestors, particularly the powerful Kolotyolo - the ‘Ancient Mother.’  
1. Authentic traditional and cultural global products;
2. 100% hand crafted;
3. All logs are dried naturally and may have cracking, checking, beetle excavations as well as other natural characteristics. Most of the woods used have beautiful grain, rustic knots and unique color variation.
4. Due to natural wood used and handmade products, no 2 products are alike. Every product is exclusive.
5. Made in Africa.