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Turtle Tabouret

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Stylized Contemporary Turtle Seat

Bring in good fortune, tranquility, peace, wisdom, knowledge and longevity of life with a turtle! Add to that the myth and belief of West Africans that like the turtle, your abode will defend itself and protect your world from calamities. That makes a Turtle Tabouret so much desirable in form and essence as a good luck charm in your house. Specification

Length 76cm
Width 30cm
Height 35cm
Diameter 0cm
Weight 8.2Kg
Material Used Solid Hardwood
Local Name (Material) Marina
Scientific Name (Material) Avicennia marina
1. Authentic traditional and cultural global products;
2. 100% hand crafted;
3. All logs are dried naturally and may have cracking, checking, beetle excavations as well as other natural characteristics. Most of the woods used have beautiful grain, rustic knots and unique color variation.
4. Due to natural wood used and handmade products, no 2 products are alike. Every product is exclusive.
5. Made in Africa.