Vintage Cheetah Figurine for Home Decor

Vintage Cheetah Figurine for Home Decor

House Of Avana

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Decorate your tabletop with our elegant cheetah statues, delicately crafted in stylish postures. 
Solid stable statues, these are easy to clean with a soft cloth. Perfect for adding a beautiful touch to any desk or table, it is ideal for interior decor in living rooms, offices, studies, or coffee shops.


Sit  B (13cm) x W (8.5cm) x H (15.5cm)
Stand  B (25cm) x W (7.5cm) x H (14.5cm)
Material Resin 


1. Authentic traditional art of casting bronze from West Africa, called cire perdue or Lost Wax Technique.

2.100% hand modelled in wax, hand cast in bronze, copper and other alloys over a core of clay.

3. In direct lost-wax casting, every object produced is always unique and one-of-a-kind, as the mold is necessarily destroyed as part of the casting process. So, no two products are alike. They can be similar, but never the same.

4. Made in Africa.