Antique Miniature Elephant Figurines for Home Decor

Antique Miniature Elephant Figurines for Home Decor

House Of Avana

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Transform your space with timeless charm using our Vintage Brass Miniatures Figurines. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, these high-quality, compact statues boast precision craftsmanship, durability and a captivating visual effect.

Made with high-quality brass, hand-polished and adorned with delicate engraving, the fine workmanship reinforces House of Avana's belief in sustainable craftsmanship.
Elevate your decor and explore a unique style with these exquisite home decor accessories.


Length  54 mm
Height  32 mm
Weight  37 gm
Material   Copper


1. Authentic traditional art of casting bronze from West Africa, called cire perdue or Lost Wax Technique.

2.100% hand modelled in wax, hand cast in bronze, copper and other alloys over a core of clay.

3. In direct lost-wax casting, every object produced is always unique and one-of-a-kind, as the mold is necessarily destroyed as part of the casting process. So, no two products are alike. They can be similar, but never the same.

4. Made in Africa.