About Us

House of Avana is the reflection of traditional and contemporary decor of West Africa. Every artifact is extraordinary and has a story to tell. Our creations are designed by proficient craftsmen, sculptors, and artisans across West Africa who work with us to display the culture, life, and legacy to the world. At House Of Avana, we believe that every part of interior decor should have an essence of life to enhance the aesthetics of every space. Our signature accent designs are the touchstones for that.

Our aim to add a personality and richness to the world of interior decor motivates us to blend legacy with modernity in every piece from furniture to accessories. Our concept finds a unique ground in the global marketplace where we exhibit our masterpieces created by our team of nearly 80 sculptors from various West African countries.

As a socially responsible organization, House of Avana supports the revival of the artisan community of West Africa by incorporating in global commerce and trade. We have introduced our craftsmen to modern machinery and trained them to refine and polish every object they make, ensuring that our traditional antiques compliment your contemporary decor and blend-in harmoniously. 

House of Avana is the creator of artisanal accent designs for interior decor to make heritage meet novelty.